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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyssane View Post
    You say that like it's a bad thing.
    I think it's that bad old nerd behavior when a comic book is not written according to their specific vision LOL. But the story is well written and I'm glad you are enjoying this aspect of it! Aside from that, we can cherish everything else together.

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    As far as it being written for older fans, I think that's just a side effect of having Artemis in the book again.

    This story felt solid. Wonder Woman is front and centre in the action, and although she has costars they do not threaten to eclipse her as was the case recently under Robinson. I do enjoy the clear Gadot love going on in the art.

    I do wonder if the historical fact of the Aztecs taking war slaves for human sacrifices, even for their "good" gods, was ever addressed?
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    If ten years of recording The Young and the Restless for my mother have taught me anything, it's that characters in serial dramas are always happily in love...until they're not

    “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.” - the 4th Doctor

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    If the positive reviews hold up I may just end up buying the trade.
    Most likely will get the justice League Dark crossover in trade.

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