A quick review; I'v e only read the firstd issue once, and then again in a quick skim.
I like the title, and think it's got a lot of promise, especially for those who like SF.
I find a lot of the coloring glaring, garish (which might be reflecting the world it’s set in), and many pages feel overcrowded to me (again, it might be the world there), but there are some very nice, uncluttered pages as well. And similarly, we’re asked to empathize with a very blinkered, follow-the-rules character, rather than the clearer-thinking supporting characters, which is disconcerting for me.
But I enjoyed the first issue. The dialogue’s pretty natural, the characters distinct and clear, already with some background and depth, and the premise is intriguing: there are lots of worlds someone named Donaldson created, standing in (perhaps) for God, some of which await his return, some of which (like the one the story opens on) are finding secret rebellion against ‘the myth’ of Donaldson. There is a search for Donaldson’s homeworld, during which those other worlds are ‘subdued and brought to see the light’ in a missionary way. The Relay is either the means, or the myth—I’m not quite sure: characters seem to refer to it in both ways.

Anyone given this a try?