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    Default SANDMAN UNIVERSE - how is it?

    So, this will be most likely my next new purchase the next time I go to my LCS:

    Has anyone else here read SANDMAN UNIVERSE yet?

    Is it good? Like classic Gaiman good? Or just good for the nostalgia feels? Really hoping for the former, but bracing for the latter.

    Also, I get that this issue is merely a primer for a quartet of new titles down the line. Are you excited for any of them?
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    I'm excited but i don't buy flopies anymore, i don't even buy TPBs... lol I will be there for that Absolute Edition though...

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    It feels a bit like the bits of Mike Carey's Lucifer to me - quality, but doesn't quite feel truly Gaiman. (As someone who thinks Gaiman is incredibly talented, but I dislike the strong streak of cruelty in his work, I'm not sure how exactly I feel about this.)

    I'm definitely interested in Lucifer and The Dreaming - I really hope Bilquis Evely is a star soon. Her stuff in this book was beyond gorgeous.
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    I went into the issue knowing next to nothing about Sandman and I thought it was a decent read. The weakest would be the house of whisper snippet because it doesnt set up the plot the same way the other 3 does.

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