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    Lois (and Jimmy) could both experience comic book adventures on a more regular basis than the cops of Gotham Central, provided you embraced one aspect of Metropolis that kind of flits in and out of existance every few years:

    - Make Metropolis a crazy, Doctor Who-esque city of adventure.

    Both Lois and Jimmy could hold a few backup series across Superman's titles for the longest time because they had absolutely nuts adventures, gaining powers, dealing with robots, and introducing stuff like the Fourth World. Bring that back: make Metropolis a city with weird little alleyways where Brainiac-viruses reformat stuff beyond a regular person's comprehension, where Intergang tries out stuff they got from Apokilips, where LexCorp and competitors play with things man was not meant to understand, and where occasionally, Kryptonian tech and human criminality come together.

    There was that period where, for a while, Metorpolis had been reformatted by B-13 technology and everything was a sci-if landscape. Bring that back, but subdued a little, and have Lois experience adventures where something quieter than Superman's usual conflicts is discovered by Lois, and where she maybe has to build up her investigative-action-guile hero credentials.

    Then have her come home and have Clark ask her how her day was.
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    I've been championing a Lois title for years, so if this turns out to be true I'll definitely give it an issue to impress me.

    Don't care if its Black Label or not. Most of the best stories are out of continuity, and continuity itself is a total wreck these days anyway so it's not like that's got a lot of attraction for me. Actually, the freedom BL provides just might make this even better.
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    I am shocked that DC doesn't already have a Lois Lane comic in this market, although Eddie Berganza being editor probably had a lot to do with that.

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