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    Default SONGS that remind you of Batman?

    There was a 70's rock song (sung by?) called "I wonder if the Joker dies (what will be become of me?)' . An interesting hypothetical long before Killing Joke and dark Knight returns!

    Run DMC - I'm not going out like that : heard this when I first read Dark Knight Returns. I've always associated one with the other..

    Bill Hicks - Chicks dig jerks : Reminds of Harley, especially the first verse -
    "Ooohhh Hitler had his Eva Braun, Manson had his Squeaky Fromme, Ted Bundy went out on lotsa dates I wonder what ah'm doin' wrong"
    also Liar by Rollins Band reminds me of Mad Love...

    I made a post about this on the DC boards in the early 2000's . Someone said the "Arms wide open" song reminded him of Bruce and Dick :
    "If I have just one wish, If I had just one plan. I hope he's not like me, I hope he understands..."

    and your batman songs?

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    Neal Hefti.

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