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    I'm down for more Top Cow, but Magdalena #1 didn't really impress me, and the universe has seemingly been in shamble the last few years. I'd love to see a resurgence, but those covers look nothing like Witchblade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiegePerilous02 View Post
    So, are there any other Top Cow fans on here?

    The only book of theirs I'm currently getting monthly is Witchblade. I was getting Artifacts, but the pace was moving too slowly and now with Ron Marz having left and it being nothing but fill-in issues, I decided to trade wait.

    It really does seem like we've been waiting a long time for the fallout from the original 13 part Artifacts arc to start making sense. For one thing, I'm getting kind of sick of just focusing on Sara, Jackie, Tom, Magdalena and the Angelus when we barely know anything about the other 8 Artifacts. With the Heart Stone now belonging to someone else, I'd love to know where Abigail went, and I'm dying to see more of the Finn/Glory/Enstrom, Ji and Sabine arcs. Plus the details of the Survivor's plan, his role as the Curator and his connection to Tau'ma are still really vague. I'm hoping Marz returns to Artifacts, or uses Witchblade or the upcoming Magdalena mini to tie up some of these loose threads.

    I've also been meaning to pick up the Cyberforce and Aphrodite IX trades, especially after hearing that they are merging into one. For anyone who has read them, is there any explanation as to what happened to Aphrodite IV, her creators and/or the Coin of Solomon?
    Witchblade is still one of my favorite comics, glad to have joined this thread!

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    With the Top Cow Universe getting a reboot (Witchblade, Cyber Force, Aphrodite V, Darkness) would anyone else like to see Hunter-Killer come back as part of it?

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    I'd rather see Hunter-Killer than another attempt to make Cyber Force happen.
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