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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
    I disagree. Part of the characters motivations and development is because of how he looks. I would also argue that although Cyborg did move past those struggles at the end of the DCU prior to being rebooted into the new 52 that this Cyborg we are seeing from the start and no part of his development should be skipped.
    Concern over his looks was hardly Cyborg's primary character motivation, because that would be rather shallow. Victor Stone was a young athlete, someone whose self image was defined by largely his physical skills and abilities. He was lauded and celebrated for what he did on the football field. And his commitment to football was also a major defining element of his relationship with his father (albeit in a largely negative way. When he became Cyborg, all of that changed and went away. He lost who he was as a person. That's what motivated him.

    He was concerned about what he actually was, not what he looked like. It wasn't that he didn't look human it's that--in his mind--he wasn't actually human anymore, at lest not in a way he could recognize. So having the ability to cast an illusion that his body is whole really wouldn't alter the real internal struggle he'd be dealing with..
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