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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    Squirrel Girl Buster. I'm reminded of the Acme products Wile E Coyote used to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    Marvel Rising Alpha is out today...
    Kamala panics, thinking Doreen - who she doesn't know is Squirrel Girl - has figured out her secret identity. Turns out it's her online handle Slothbaby she's figured out, and not her Ms Marvel identity. The tables are turned later though, when after a battle, the two heroines separately stow their costumes - and Kamala catches Doreen putting her headband in her bag. Looks like Ms Marvel just rumbled Squirrel Girl's secret identity!
    end of spoilers
    That was a lot of fun. I'm not thrilled with the price point, but I actually did think I got a lot of content for the price. I didn't really like the zero issue much, but I liked this a lot better.

    I also want to note that they referred to the zero issue as a FCBD issue. It was free, but I definitely didn't see it on Free Comic Book Day. Really, I was disappointed with the rollout of the free issue.
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    Yeah, it was NOT an FCBD book, those were Avengers, Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, and Infinity Countdown. Rising #0 was actually released 10 days before.

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