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    Default Emily Carroll Walks "Through the Woods"

    The cartoonist talks about her new book of short comics, planning out print vs digital comics and the appeal of creating - and experiencing - horror stories.

    Full article here.

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    Picked this book up a while ago, it looks absolutely stunning (as expected). Very nicely put together, would recommend it to anyone with even a vague inclination towards the horror genre. At the very least check out Carroll's website, bunch of free comics to read there which nicely utilise the format of being viewed in a web browser.
    February 2015 favourite: Feathers. Basically The Boxtrolls but drawn with a more Mignola inspired line. A divided town where the rich live in a squeeky-clean, isolated City, whilst the poor dwell in a cramped, confining, dense Maze of dilapidated buildings. Likable character design, bit too heavy on the text though. (By Jorge Corona, through Archaia/Boom!).

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