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    Default REVIEW: Dark Horse Presents, #1

    Rejoice! The best anthology in the game is back with a great first issue in "Dark Horse Presents" #1.

    Full review here.

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    A very good comic.

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    DHP returned to my pull list with this change. Not that it wasn't great before but the problem I had was part price and part content. Some months I would be eager for most, if not all stories but many others I found myself picking up the anthology for only one or two of the stories. This is the nature of the beast, I suppose; with such diverse content everyone isn't going to be crazy about everything but I had a hard time feeling justified in paying $7.99 for only 16 pages of story. That said, while the price is only $3 less, it seems like it'll be worth it for me to pick up even through what might be "slow months" for me. This was actualy one of the two scenerios which I figured would lead me to picking up this title again (the other one would be if they had kept the 80 page format but included one story per issue which was larger and more or less self contained... like they did with the reprint stories in SSRH).

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