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    Default Frampton's "Oddly Normal" Weaves Magic for All Ages

    Otis Frampton brings his quirky all-ages series "Oddly Normal" to Image and shares some details about what life is like for a half-witch that makes her parents disappear.

    Full article here.

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    Hope this does well. Image is really in desperate need of books for a younger age (especially after cancelling Five Weapons) because that is a market that they have ignored mostly.
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    I'm somewhat interested in this, has a Courtney Crumrin feel to it which I love. I'll give it a shot, would love to hear people's reviews on this on our weekly thread.

    EDIT: looks like it was heavily influenced by Wizard of Oz. Sold, will definitely be checking this out.
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    I'm here for it, even though I'm already reading too many books. Image does have an all-ages problem. I think only Valentino realizes this, though. Is Oddly Normal a Silverline book?
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    I read the original mini-series, and I enjoyed it so nice to see its an ongoing now.

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    It sounds interesting. I might pick up the first issue to try it out.

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