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    Default CBR TV: Tim Seeley on Guiding "Grayson" & "Batman Eternal"

    Tim Seeley boarded the CBR Yacht to discuss the development and buildup to "Grayson," as well as his experience as part of the "Batman Eternal" team.

    Full article here.

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    On the development of "Grayson": It was one of those things where when DC came to me with it, they said, "Hey, we want to do a Dick Grayson book. He's going to 'die' in 'Forever Evil.' But we know we want to make him into a spy and we know that the tagline is 'You think you know Grayson, but you don't know Dick.' That's all we've got, but what would you do with it."
    Marketing tagline first. Well that's one way to go about planning things I guess. But way to take it and run, Tim Seeley -- so far the book is great!

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