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    Default Larime Taylor Adds Color to "A Voice in The Dark: Get Your Gun"

    Disabled creator Larime Taylor discusses the forthcoming new volume of his Top Cow series, and his both encouraging and frustrating past year.

    Full article here.

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    One of the better Image books. Looking forward!

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    Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.

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    As an Aspiring comic creator ( nothing serious) you are an inspiration and I appreciate the talent and creativity you possess.

    I will be giving your title a shot.
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    Aww fudge didn't pre-order #1 in time! Hope my shop will have a spare, but if not I think it might be time to try out Image's online store. Pretty sure they sell pdfs as well which is great 'cos I don't have a smartphone/tablet. Either way, hoping more people will give this title a shot! There's a lot of chatter about the lack of diversity in comics and the kinds of stories that minority characters often get, but when something like this comes along which HAS a cool story and a pretty diverse cast of characters, people don't talk about it as much.
    September 2014 favourite: Night of the Living Vidiots. Collection of shorts I picked up on a whim. Cynical, humourous stories, with rather blunt social commentary that feels somewhat similar to Adventure Time, but with swearing. Humanity having mech vs. kaiju battles with nature itself, a zombie apocalypse of mindless consumers with TVs for faces, & underage drinking are amongst the attractions here. (By Andy Ristaino; self-published, looks like it was Kickstarted, his site is called Skronked)

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    Thank you, and hope you like it!

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