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    The problem of Scott is any new role he would get if he resurrects will feel like a demotion in comparison to his Utopia days. You can't take orders from Kitty Pryde after that.
    I think only something like director of Shield or SWORD would feel acceptable. He could date Maria Hill or Carol Danvers.
    The other option is the opposite, decadent revolutionary icon with groupies for teens with Cyclops was Right shirts or tattoos.

    I think it would be out of character for Scott to date Jean again because in Morrison's run you see that as much as he loved her, he wasn't happy with the life he had with her. To be acceptable for Jean, he kinda had to stay in the closet, live a very repressed life.

    I think sexually Scemma was much better for Scott than for Emma.
    Emma used to date Shaw, a dominant man who gains speed, stamina and strength during the sexual act through kinetic energy absorption, it's hard to think Scott with his repression and submission and desire for a dominatrix could match that. Scott loved every second of it but Emma did it out of love, not pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfhammer View Post
    Madelyn's first words were Jean's last words on the moon. Madelyn is Jean in every way that matters so I don't really buy that Maddie was Scott's non X-Men romance. She had some of Jean's memories, she was here exact genetic duplicate, and it was actually a portion of Jean's soul (that had been walking around as the Phoenix in the DPS) that was giving Maddie life. Inferno explains this all pretty clearly.
    Right, I forgot how having different interests, personality traits, responses, and feelings means that you’re the same

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    This is the Emma Frost appreciation thread, and all this stuff about Jean and Maddie is simply off topic. Stop derailing threads over who can beat who. Guys, a couple of people on here are trolls who have been doing this for many years. Just ignore their posts and don't take the bait. Back on topic to the fabulous White Queen.

    Whose hoping to see Emma in X-Men Gifited?

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    The problem is that some of Jott fans want a fairytale between a 'virgin girl' and a repressed and perfect knight.

    And that's why I don't want Jott anymore. That's why Emma is the best thing that ever happened to Scott Summers.

    Okay, Jean and Scott could happen again. Yeah, but Jean need to learn some things from Emma.
    Emma is the best female character in Marvel comics. She's perfect.

    Some people say that 'without Scott, Emma is nothing'.
    For me it's the opposite. Scott only grew up and became Mr. X-Men because of Emma Frost.
    Yeah, baby, Cyclops was right! Cyclops was right yet again! Cyclops is always right!! So bring RightClops back.

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