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    Default PREVIEW: Nailbiter, #5


    ONE OF THE HORRIBLE SECRETS OF BUCKAROO HAS BEEN REVEALED! Finch and Crane are hot on the heels of a serial killer loose in Buckaroo, but Finch has finally found what he was looking for and it's worse than he feared.

    Full article here.

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    Love this story. Love the art.

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    I was interested in this series and after seeing consistently strong reviews, decided to pick up the first arc (#1-5). I have to say I think it's pretty overrated. It feels WAY too indebted to its influences, especially the Hannibal Lecter character and Silence of the Lambs. I'm not sure if this was intentional or just coincidence, but there are a bunch of scenes with Warren doing stuff awfully similar in tone and execution to scenes in the Hannibal movies (Warren cooking, Warren shopping at the market), and then you have Warren behind bars goading on the curious girl asking questions. Then this gets way worse by how Williamson literally has Warren repeatedly throw out references like "chianti" and namedropping Silence of the Lambs' Best Picture win. The Twin Peaks-like setting is definitely less explicit but also feels like a very heavy influence. I guess what I mean here is that there are plenty of creator-owned books these days that are easily described as [x movie / TV show] meets [x movie / TV show], but the influences here seem way too heavy. I often felt like I was reading a poor man's Silence of the Lambs and it made me wonder why I didn't just watch the movie instead.

    The idea of a town that has birthed sixteen serial killers is a fantastic hook, and there are some touches here and there that I like (I like the fat cowboy owner of the "murder shop" or whatever it's called). But a lot of the revealed serial killers have kind of silly and stupid gimmicks that feel sort of contrived. A boy can't read or write so he starts burning down libraries? A guy is irritated by people biting their nails so he bites other people's nails entirely off and then kills them? It just feels really gimmicky and doesn't have that complete nobody, guy-next-door terror that real serial killers do, or the fantastic horror that Hollywood killers like Leatherface or Freddy Kreuger have.

    Basically I think this series had a ton of potential but I think the writing execution falls really flat. Art is nice though, with a really good color palette.
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