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    Default PREVIEW: Aliens: Fire and Stone #1

    During a vicious xenomorph outbreak, terraforming engineer Derrick Russell leads a desperate group of survivors onto a rickety mining vessel. They hope to escape the creatures overrunning their colony-but they'll face horrors both in space and on the strange planet they crash on. Ties in with the Prometheus and Aliens films!

    * First issue in an exciting direction for Aliens!
    * From critically acclaimed writer Chris Roberson!

    Full preview here.

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    Psyched for this.

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    Dark Horse's Aliens books were the first things I read as a kid outside of DC and Marvel (in fact, I wrote to them as a kid and got a postcard back from one of the editors. I still have it!), but I am looking forward to this miniseries not just for nostalgic purposes. It's the only Fire and Stone mini that appeals to me, as I was never much into Predator (and I really couldn't stand Prometheus).

    And yes, my Dad let me watch the Alien movies when I was 6 but he fast-forwarded through the bloody bits. And I'm totally fine!!!!

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    I think I was six when I first saw Alien too. Neighbor had it on LaserDisc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anotherdae View Post
    I think I was six when I first saw Alien too. Neighbor had it on LaserDisc!
    I was around the same age when I saw alien, because of my older brother I was watching movie's a kid at that age should have not have been watching.

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    can't wait. the art is pretty damn good.

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