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    Default FANTASY DRAFT: A Shazam (and Billy) For Every Decade

    The Mists of Eternity part, allowing CBR to look back and discover Hollywood's ideal Captain Marvel and Billy Batson from decades past.

    Full article here.

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    Default DC's first obvious mistake

    This article hits on part of the problem with a Shazam film; the "Post-Crisis" Shazam.

    The origins of the character highlight his powers in order of importance, beginning with the wisdom of the greatest King of the Bible. All of the other powers of Captain Marvel can be used to excess (in both Christian theology and Ancient Greek philosophy the ability to use your gifts properly is known as virtue ethics) so it was his wisdom that saved CM from Black Adam's corruptible fate. And it is this angle - the Wisdom of Solomon - that is missing from the Post-Crisis Shazam. They are playing up the pre-serious Shazam mythology to produce their 60's Batman film at the expense of what could be done with the character.

    While this may make the grandparents taking their preschool grandkids to the movies happy, the box office will show this film to be a failure. Buzz will die as the ad budget ramps up and people see this isn't a modern superhero movie. Which is a shame because the material is rich enough to make a great addition to the DC Movieverse and SHOULD have been a part of the build up to Justice League

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