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    Quote Originally Posted by Balakin View Post
    Well the ones I know are Born again which is one of the best DD stories ever and Man without fear which is a really good origin story (that's where the black suit in the tv series came from).
    IMHO those two stories are better than the original Miller run.
    Quote Originally Posted by victorxd1999 View Post
    It collects two of the best DD stories ever told with a couple of other not too bad stories as well. It's all worth it for Born Again though.

    Also, anyone noticed that post-SW books, the supposed flagship Avengers and X-Men titles are only getting TPBs, while GotG, Dr. Strange, Invincible Iron Man, etc are getting a HC? Maybe they will go straight the OHC route?

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    I'm really disappointed that there's no sign of any oversized collections of the Secret Wars tie ins. Thought that would have been on the cards?!

    Ah well, the DD companion reprint has made me happy anyway!

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    Seems like what they're reprinting is stuff that coincides with movies (CW, AoA) and TV shows (DD, Elektra). Which means no Silver Surfer omni reprint...

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    Byrne and Roger Stern's little run on Captain America has been reprinted so many times, I can hardly keep track.

    The Byrne Marvel Universe omnibus sort of makes sense, since he sells well and did a lot of aborted runs that ended because of editorial interference (Cap), Marvel's inability to assign a consistent writer (Avengers) or just being too busy. Still, whether I buy this depends a lot on how much I really, really want that 10-issue Avengers run and some of the other stuff. I'd rather have a Champions omnibus, but I acknowledge it would never sell.

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    As someone who wasn't able to purchase the Civil War OHCs before several went out of print, the box set is especially intriguing to me. At first glance, can someone tell me how the content differs from the 7 OHCs? I was looking at the page counts at quick glance but they don't seem to match the original OHC page counts. Is it all the same content but broken up in different volumes? Is the "extras" volume the only new material? And how does the OHC size compare with the premiere hard cover size? The OHCs are "better" volumes in terms of size and production, correct?

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