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    I picked up the first issue of Dr. Strange for fun while I snagged Bitch Planet the other day for five dollars. What a joke. Regardless of how good of a read it is, the self-cover paper is garbage and I could get almost a whole lunch for that same $5! Even if I was getting floppies at a 30-50% discount I'd much rather have the material in TPB or HC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canucked View Post
    Dark day. I took my last Marvel comic off my pull list this morning. After I saw the prices of new stuff yesterday, I just can't justify these hikes anymore. they've priced me right out of monthly reading. I will still buy some collected editions, but I've already trimmed the marvel section down a lot. I wanted to support the new Doctor Strange book, but I'll do that through trades or something. Otherwise, I am on a six month delay using only marvel unlimited. Until they raise the price on that.

    The price of Omnis on has also hurt a lot. Thankfully I was able to pre-order most of the 2016 books while the regular discounts were in effect, but after that I'm going to have to be much more selective. My LCS has a %50 sale on Masterworks (and DC archives) so at least I have some cheap reading for now.

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    Same here. Onlsaught for 99,95 Euros, other omnis reaching slowly the 100 Euro limit, this is a bit steap for me. I had to cut back because of this (ok and other stuff like paper quality...) Marvel is, however, not alone in this. DC upped the prices for the Absolutes also, making them now almost a 1:1 Dollar-Euro thing without discount. Amazon has still a preorder price, but that price is in the region of regular Absolute prices from two years ago. Meaning: if you don't preorder it, you can end up spending the cover Dollar-price in Euro, which is 125 Euros normally. WOW.

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