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    Default Palmiotti Caps Nine-Year Run with "All-Star Western" Finale

    Jimmy Palimotti talks to CBR News about saying goodbye to Jonah Hex, a character he and Justin Gray have written at DC Comics since 2005.

    Full article here.

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    These guys and the various artists created a great run on Jonah Hex!!

    From start to finish, this run holds up as well as the original JH stories. This run by P&G is one that I will reread and enjoy for years.

    Thanks, guys!!

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    I remember a decade ago when message boards declared "This will be cancelled after six months". I marvelled at that fact when the comic lasted five years, and four years after that I'm still shocked how so many people blew this off but here we are.

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    Hopefully, Palmotti and Gray will return one day, much like Joe Kubert returned to Sgt. Rock.
    In the meantime, I agree with him on the lack of collections being available — Jonah Hex is a perfect demonstration of how comics can be more than superheroes at the big two.
    (Thank you, Jimmy and Justin, for nine years of great stories.)
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