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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Craig View Post
    I finally got around to reading Barb Wire #1 this weekend---I'm so behind.

    It was largely a set up piece. I can't say I was overwhelmed by the issue in and of itself but see some areas of promise. It looks like the meat is going to pay off a few issues down in this arc.

    I'd probably rate it about 2.5stars out of 4 or a B- grade
    One of the things I like about Barb Wire is the sense of humor. I get the feeling that this book isn't trying overly serious at this point. I remember some of the early interviews regarding this book pointed out that one of the primary goals was for the series to be fun. This suits me fine since most of the titles I've been picking up lately seem to be on the serious side; it's a nice break. However; I do feel there are some story threads that will allow for a serious turn if necessary.

    Calling issue#1 a set-up issue pretty well sums it up. Based on the October solicitations, it sounds like you are on track to say the build-up will pay off later in the arc. Personally, I'm ok with a set-up issue. Sometimes stories need to evolve in order to have the most impact; so I've begun to have a little leniency on #1 issues and try to assess titles as miniature bodies of work when it comes to opening arcs.
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    I think the payoff on Barb Wire #1's set up will be along the following threads:


    1. The gentrification of the wharf an docks area. Including Barb having a few weeks to save her bar as her landlord is ready to sell.
    2. The gang war peace that has lasted vs The Mayors "Clean Up the City" campaign and how that's worked.
    3. Barb's Reality Show
    4. What was that clue left to her on the cigarette box?
    end of spoilers

    I expect at least 2-4 to get full or partial answers, with #1 possibly carrying over into the next arc.

    King Tiger's mini series starts in 3 weeks at which point it'll feel good to have TWO Comics Greatest World characters in print once again!!
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