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    yeah, Cosmic, I've seen such glitch and today tried my best at saving the life even with poor Ultie who cannot heal and still needs this mission on adamatium Thankfully Red Hulk heals himself and we two were taking much damage on ourselves instead of him. I should be sorry too, because I didn't come when Gnat invited me next, I was taking 5000 xp for new hero and there were nearly ten windows ""wow, your hero leveled up, yay", I tried to close them as soon as possible but missed invite though, I was angry as Hulk, that was my stupidest miss ever.
    And you know, I freezed like this two times, i remembered, its when your mouse when clicking don't turn green, it stays yellow every time, but in my case I could walk and even do my heroup, but couldn't attack because couldn't click on enemies. Total unmoving is first..

    I have experienced something much better than immoving


    I was playing as Trapping Sir Commander, and my friend as me, we frequently change profiles, because I have heroes he don't have. So we went on Flat Broke and this happened at the end of second part. I never laughed so hard when I found out why he was running so strangely and doing no damage. He was playing upside down and nearly died on Ultron, I even don't know, how he managed to survive

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    Hi, Any idea why Spider-man Noir and Spider-Ham are not on sale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpkhant2008 View Post
    Hi, Any idea why Spider-man Noir and Spider-Ham are not on sale?
    Noir is a contest/prize hero. Ham was a April Fool's Day hero. They are not considered "retired" by Gaz.
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