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    EDIT: Looks like my question was already answered above. Sorry about that! Mods, please delete if possible.

    Hey all.

    I am finally about to take the plunge into the Hellboy universe. I've got Hellboy trades 1-6 and BPRD Plague of Frogs 1-4 coming. I've already read Hellboy 1-2 since I borrowed my friend's Library Edition.

    Question is: Should I read all of the Hellboy trades up to 6 before jumping over to BPRD for Plague of Frogs? Or do I need to continue onto Hellboy 7+ before Plague of Frogs?
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    Hellboy trade 5 really kicks off the story lines that will be in BPRD, but the first 6 are kinda all very connected which is why you often see 6 as the break off point

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    Hi. I've read Hellboy LE 1 and the 1st omnibus of BPRD some time ago and I plan to get Hellboy and BPRD and the 2nd BPRD omnibus. I want to ask if Baltimore is related to the Hellboy universe.

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    No, Baltimore is it's own separate universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joker View Post
    No, Baltimore is it's own separate universe.
    Ok thanks!

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