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    I just started the last research task.

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    I'm level 208 and I don't feel like I'm having much difficulty with the Group Boss.

    I mean, I don't particularly care how many Lockboxes I get, but I almost always get my 5%.

    I've fought at least 20 GBs at this point.

    I usually just run World War Hulk and War Horseman X-23, with Coulson's Revenge, Shepherd's Staff, Neurotrope and whatever other weapon I happen to have (lately, it's Nascent Blade).

    I don't always SURVIVE till the end of the battle, lol, but I get my 5% (plus a whole lot more, sometimes). And I, well, usually survive.
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    I've been using HAIF as either bruiser or scrapper, depending, and then Iron Man or Spiral. IM to spam Ion Beam and Spiral is decent for stealth. I did give it a go with Electra for internal bleeding, but that just wasnt powerful enough.
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