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    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateTy View Post
    64 Gold for the 5th slot
    Yeah, that sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateTy View Post
    64 Gold for the 5th slot
    People were predicting it would be at least 128 gold.

    Still, I would've preferred for it to be unlocked for free at Level 300. All the other slots were unlocked at a certain level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hulahulk View Post
    You think? I was wondering the same thing. But who knows.

    I can see reasons for and against the idea that the end is near. We all see the constant bugs, ongoing stability issues, expense, and difficulty in retaining/recruiting players being the overwhelming reasons to shut down the game. But, they do have 3 more chapters to go, and material planned for them. At the rate they open new chapters, I can see the game lasting another year.
    I think, for me, the idea that the end is near is becuase they are killing themselves. So much content in such a small span of time, high prices for items and a real ramp up of the greed that has always been present in the game, but is just becoming so much more prevalent.

    I still enjoy the game at times, but it frustrates me how the model is essentially designed to either force me to pay, or to committ time I simply dont have to play for hours on end with a reward system that is equally 'luck based' and could see me get nothing of value for my trouble. Currently, for the first time in ages, I am out of CP and dont have the two newest releases (both 90CP characters, whatever happened to 45?). On top of that, there are the vastly over priced PvP heroes still to be released (Are there 2 or 3 of these waiting to be released at 135?). You know we'll need at least one for the next spec ops, so Playdom make sure they get my money or I fail to get something new. Great business model, I understand the need to generate a profit to keep the game going, but it seems to be getting to a place where there is just too much, all at once.

    The game will likely survive a while longer, but whether season 3 eventually money will be on no and instead a new game will come along, with older players from this game rewarded for swapping, while new players wont be put off my just how much they have to do to even compete.
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    For those who say that the Game may die after this current season, may I remind you all of the many OTHER CHARACTERS hinted into this game so far and may show up between the final 3 chapters of this season in the forms of either Special Ops, Locked Boxes, Covert Ops and Even General Releases.

    In my honest opinion, I believe that there is some storytelling left within this season of the game and I hope that we maybe able to see it all before this season ends.

    The only downside of this is the introduction to new players and the sometimes lags of the game.

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