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    Spider-Man Noir is our new PVP reward.

    There's hope for your favorite alternate Spidey yet!

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    Vision alt up.

    New PvP. With Spider Man NOir as reward. Generalist with UJ's counter/followup passive plus a passive that allows him to preemptive counter stealthy attacks.

    Cap Rogers/IM3 costume/IP costume sale going on.

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    I so love hitting the 1,000 ISOs on the daily spin AFTER I've already finished the Spec-Ops...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevinroc View Post
    I'm expecting Cassie to come later. We've already got Kate, and Scott is coming. I'm not surprised we aren't getting a double hero Spec Ops. Cassie isn't a villain, so there is no need for a lockbox. And getting a second hero is pretty rare in Spec Ops anyway.
    There was the Blade/Morbius SO last year.

    Still, I hope Cassie is at least mentioned in the Ant-man SO.

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