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    I don't understand why the Runaways are required deploys except when you deploy them you can't do any missions because they are required for the missions. WTH...
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    I didn't realize you could bring your Agent. And I got to mission 3 and holy crap those ULTIMATUM guys were eating my lunch. They are like...legit hard.

    Now that I know you can bring your Agent...I suspect they'll be a lot easier, but still tough for mooks.

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    I'm new to this thread, but I've been playing M:AA for a couple of years now. I'm currently a Generalist, using the Self-Sacrifice Set. I've recently returned to the game after a couple of months break, but here's my Avengers Team Line up:
    Black Widow (Avengers Movie)
    Hawkeye (Heroic Age)
    Black Cat (Claws)
    Colossus (Phoenix 5)
    Cyclops (Phoenix 5)
    Dr Strange (Modern, My best character)
    Hulk (Grey, World War)
    Invisible Woman (Future Foundation)
    Iron Fist
    Mr Fantastic (Future Foundation)
    Sif (Modern)
    Scarlet Witch
    Quicksilver (Blue Suit)
    Beast (Horseman of Pestilence)
    Dr Doom
    Collecting in Single Issues:
    Marvel:Astonishing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulks. DC:Batman, DC Universe presents: The Justice League.
    Collecting in trade/ graphic novels:
    DC:Earth 2, Superman Earth One, Marvel:Hulk(NOW) Ultimate:Ultimate Fantastic Four Titan:Doctor Who:The Tenth Doctor
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    "No scarfs, no frills, just 100% Rebel Time Lord."- Steven Moffatt on The 12th Doctor

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    Quote Originally Posted by baltiroo View Post
    Yeah, I'm a little surprised that we are getting the entire Runaways crew so quickly since they are not involved in the publishing (yes, I know that there is a Runaways comic coming out during Secret Wars, but it's supposed to be vastly different to the original). I really hope that they start giving us some other teams we haven't seen yet - oh, like say Alpha Flight - we haven't seen anything in Canada yet. Or maybe more original Thunderbolts - we still need Songbird and Atlas. I am sure we're going to get an Ant-Man Special Ops when the movie comes out. I do wonder who we'll get for the Avengers movie, probably all just alts for all of them.

    And I would LOVE to have Rachel and Polaris and Northstar and Jubilee in the game!!!!!!
    Glad to see another fan of those characters. Though it really is strange that we still don't have Songbird despite having Moonstone for so long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sardorim View Post
    Glad to see another fan of those characters. Though it really is strange that we still don't have Songbird despite having Moonstone for so long.
    Sometimes this game is like that. It took a long time to get another Runaway after they added Nico. Then they added Karolina, Molly, Chase, and Victor rather quickly.

    The Thunderbolts time will come.

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    They added chocolate easter bunnies and jelly beans to the daily gifts from friends in the place of iso.

    I lost about 30 iso in today's haul from previous days. If you need iso for research and such - hold off playing those heroic battles until you clear them or else you might wind up too low or out of stock

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