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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHashasheen View Post
    The Dora Milaje are the Wives-In-Training, brides to the King of Wakanda/Black Panther meant to unite the tribes behind the Panther. Politically speaking, it's not unlikely they were actually his wives, and that it was simply he picked one among them to serve as his first. It would cement the unity of Wakanda and create royal ties if any of the tribal wives had a son or daughter that could possibly become Black Panther in the future. Of course, T'Challa went "lolnope" and just turned them into badass bodyguards, while still technically keeping the wives thing to keep the peace, which is why Nakia thought she still had a chance despite T'Challa shooting her down at every pass.

    The Hatut Zeraze are a secret police/strike force/death squad kind of group that served the White Wolf in Wakanda and then in exile after T'Challa became king. Since they were returned to the peace of Wakanda, T'Challa has used them as a semi-expendable fighting force (aka the guys who get killed off in any big event), while Shuri has taken them more into her confidence since becoming Queen.

    Two very different things, with a lot of shades and complexities to fit a Black Panther story or setting.
    LOL. I know all of these things but you put it together so wonderfully. Its why I am so protective of keeping this aspects of BP mythos alive for the movie.

    I want a BP and Wakanda with layers. I want them to challenge you, because these are things you have never seen before. This world doesnt exist. Its a wonderful alternative history. You have a country that follows a God that is real. No faith and hope required.You have a country that is far more technologically advanced than the rest of the world but still struggle with all the cultural ills that we have. A warrior nation that wont start a war but will damn sure finish it.

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    I think the best way to introduce the Dora Milaje into the films would be the first film to simply have Nakia and Okoye as T'Challa's bodyguards, without addressing that they have a title and a specific purpose beyond that at all. That way, it's something that can be explored in a sequel, but doesn't hang over the first outing like a death cloud of Western thinking. Introduce Nakia and Okoye, treat them as three-dimensional characters (or at least as three-dimensional as the other role players) and just keep hush on the whole Dora Milaje/Wives in Training thing until a sequel actually explores them as characters (like Nakia's "Malice" turn). That way you're introducing the polygamy/concubine/harem aspect at the same time you're making sure these are characters with desires beyond kicking ass and serving every need of their king.
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    Priest also only had TWO Doras; one that was specifically to drive his car, the other one to pilot his jet.

    It's a lot less problematic to just make the Doras simply his bodyguards/drivers and be done with it, instead of going into the
    "!Wife in Training/secret chick army" that had some people even here complaining.

    And if Shuri is gonna be in the movie than you don't even need the Doras at all.

    The dudes in the white suits with the Predator cloaking? THEM you need.

    More as fodder bad guys, than the hero's soldiers (assuming some version of Hunter is in the film).

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