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    Hello everyone. I am Diego Guerra and I have a lot of experience in animation, Storyboards, Illustration and comics.

    You can see my sequential art here:

    And my drawings here:

    Contact: diegogue (at)

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    Hi everyone!
    Im right now open for commission work, for comic art, cartoon, caricatures, anime/manga/etc, character design or comic pages. Or anything else, really, anything that can be done with pencils and inks (and in some cases, color)
    Prices are as low as $15 and as expensive as $100, anything is negotiable. Only things i wont do are erotic/porn or extreme gore.

    Let me know if interested! some samples can be seen here:

    and in some cases, i may be able to do a custom free sample. Email me and we can talk!

    Thanks for reading! you can reach me via email at

    or via deviantart, i also have skype and facebook.


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    Default Still need artist?


    Here's my website:

    Let me know if you ever need an artist.

    Here are samples from last year. I did everything, from draft, ink, and color. It's meant to be 8 pages, but the other pages don't hold up to the rest of these.

    You can also contact me via:

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    My name is Samuel Bono and I'm a comic colorist and illustrator. My rates are flexible and vary by job, and I will gladly provide quotes. I am always open to negotiations.

    My illustration work can be found here:

    Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Default Looking for work

    Hello, my name is Jessica Gaude and I am a freelance illustrator.

    My previous and current note worthy works are:

    Leviathan: The story of Hellraiser 1-2 (DVD) (Colorist)
    You're so cool Brewster: The story of Fright Night. (DVD) (Colorist)
    245 Trioxin: The Story of The Return of the Living Dead (Book) (Colorist)

    Card illustrations for Warring Kingdom and Warring Kingdoms Expansion pack and CRA Limited and CRA Limited Expansion pack.
    Illustrator for Author Lily Alex.
    Illustrator for Author Jason Stanley

    Film career:

    If you are interested please contact me at:
    Or visit me at

    Colorist work:


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