Who I Am

My name is J.N. Monk and I've just recently started work on finally getting one of my biggest projects off the ground. I'd noticed that there aren't a whole lot of superhero comics that are the kind of thing that would've excited me as a kid so I decided to make one myself.

This is my first big project and I'm really excited about it

What I'm Pitching
StarHammer is a female-centric all-ages superhero comic with an emphasis on escapism and fun, but in a responsible way. It focuses on a strait-laced and overachieving teen who comes into possession of a powerful object that once belonged to a now disgraced superhero. After being pressured into taking up the mantle of the former hero by just about everyone, she know find herself under their tutelage which they've come to think of as their last shot at a redemptive comeback.

Think of it as something of a fusion of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Green Lantern and Booster Gold.

What I Need
I need at least 5 and up to 10 sample pages for a pitch bible. I'm hoping to launch a crowdfunding campaign early next year, but I can't do that without showing how the comic will look in action.

These pitch pages come with the option to stay onboard should the campaign prove successful. However no matter what you WILL be paid up front.

I need these pages penciled and inked with an option for coloring if necessary.

The completed pages should be 300 dpi TIFF/PSD files.

What I'm Looking For
I'm looking for someone whose style is heavily influenced by western animation but borrows from the dynamic and highly kinetic action of anime while also isn't too beholden to any of the current conventions in American superhero comics. So basically something that's both really fun and has a great sense of motion.

What I'm Offering
I'm offering $50USD/per page for pencils & inks. The coloring option is negotiable. You will receive 30% of funds up front with a negotiable amount for each completed page. Paypal is preferable for receiving payment.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in and you'd like to hear more please contact me at