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Thread: Seeking Talent

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    Who I Am

    My name is J.N. Monk and I've just recently started work on finally getting one of my biggest projects off the ground. I'd noticed that there aren't a whole lot of superhero comics that are the kind of thing that would've excited me as a kid so I decided to make one myself.

    This is my first big project and I'm really excited about it

    What I'm Pitching
    StarHammer is a female-centric all-ages superhero comic with an emphasis on escapism and fun, but in a responsible way. It focuses on a strait-laced and overachieving teen who comes into possession of a powerful object that once belonged to a now disgraced superhero. After being pressured into taking up the mantle of the former hero by just about everyone, she know find herself under their tutelage which they've come to think of as their last shot at a redemptive comeback.

    Think of it as something of a fusion of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Green Lantern and Booster Gold.

    What I Need
    I need at least 5 and up to 10 sample pages for a pitch bible. I'm hoping to launch a crowdfunding campaign early next year, but I can't do that without showing how the comic will look in action.

    These pitch pages come with the option to stay onboard should the campaign prove successful. However no matter what you WILL be paid up front.

    I need these pages penciled and inked with an option for coloring if necessary.

    The completed pages should be 300 dpi TIFF/PSD files.

    What I'm Looking For
    I'm looking for someone whose style is heavily influenced by western animation but borrows from the dynamic and highly kinetic action of anime while also isn't too beholden to any of the current conventions in American superhero comics. So basically something that's both really fun and has a great sense of motion.

    What I'm Offering
    I'm offering $50USD/per page for pencils & inks. The coloring option is negotiable. You will receive 30% of funds up front with a negotiable amount for each completed page. Paypal is preferable for receiving payment.

    If this sounds like something you'd be interested in and you'd like to hear more please contact me at

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    Crooked Kingdom- Looking for an Artist for a new mini-series!

    My writing partner and I have a series already planned out and already in the process of writing the individual issues. Itís only going to be 6 issues, each roughly 20-23 pages. The series is called Crooked Kingdom and itís a sci-fi crime story set in a world where genetic tampering is as easy and accessible as crack. New Gaia city is filled with criminals and cops, the rich and the poor, the predators and the prey.
    If youíre interested contact us at either

    Please provide your name and some samples of your work. We have a character list and scripts to provide. We are looking for someone who can draw and ink their pages on a consistent timetable. Itís preferable if you can color and letter too but not a necessity. Starting pay would be $10 a page and open to negotiation depending on quality and consistency. Covers for each issue would go for starting price of $60 each.

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    I'm looking for an inker. I'm the penciller, but I hate my inks, I suck at it. Here's a sampling of my work I would prefer someone who's not slick and fancy, but someone edgier and alternative. I don't know what to pay you, but I would. First I would pay for a sample to see what kind of chemistry we have then go from there. My email is


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    Hey, writer looking for illustrator/illustrators for comic ideas I have. Check out my work at Hope to here from you.

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    My name is Francesca Zambon, and I am a professional comic colorist based in Italy.
    I am avaliable for work, be it sequential pages, pinups or covers. I can also work as a flatter.
    I have experience working with several writers and indie companies, including Zenescope Entertainment.

    You can view my portfolio at this address:

    More and older stuff:

    Skype: koshiatar

    Rates for a complete page start at $ 35. Please no backend deals.

    Thank you for looking!


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    Hey I am looking for an artist for a submission to a publisher (Image, Dark Horse etc.) I am willing to pay the artist and am negotioble. I understand it is hard to break into the industry via submission but it's worth a shot, and I'm looking for someone who is equally optimistic.
    I have several series already scripted and am very happy for the artist to pick one and help collaborate on them.

    1. I OWN SPACE- A young man from a back water industrial planet, discovers he owns a planet. Now all he has to do is get there. A space road trip featuring mutiny, pirates, aliens, and massive space battles. Looking for someone with a clean style similar to that of Alexander Lorenzo and his work on the Cyclops comic.

    2. SPIES- Scott, a young brash man, travels across Mexico and down through South America to spread his fathers ashes. Scott is however hunted down by former enemies of his father, who was ex-CIA. A cross between Deadly Class, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and James Bond. Wes Craig, Nick Pitara or Roc Upchurch style.

    3. (UNAMED)- A fantasy comic about a dwarf who is struggling with his own terrible past, until he is given the oppurtunity to redeem himself. Any style.

    Hopefully some of these concepts interest you, and I am very happy to work on an idea that you might have as well. Please contact me at:

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    Hi my name is Luis, and I am looking for a gig as a comic book artist.

    I'm especially looking for a writer who lives in the US due to the fact that I have tried to start something with another writer and because he lived in London it made things so complicated and everything fell apart.

    Please take a look at my work and tell me what you have in mind.

    Guys honestly though, the main reason as to why I was asking for pay was so that I could cover the expense of the Bristol boards, the ink corrector , some technical materials , and comics( The money I make out of my part time job has to go to college)

    So what I was planning was on buying these materials with my own money , and then getting it back.

    This is my offer : around $15 per page or even lower (depending on the level of needed detail)

    penciled and inked.

    Once I pick a writer , work on the concept and character art , and I get the

    script I will send him or her the first fully

    penciled and inked page. If the writer isn't satisfied with the level of quality

    of the first page we can either negotiate a lesser page rate or call the whole

    deal off. If this happens the writer will have a free page to himself and I a

    piece for my portfolio.

    If you are interested please email me at

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