Hello Artists!

We are Gray Bear Comics, a new comic writing company, working on putting out our first book!

Synopsis: Our book is an ongoing horror/comedy series that takes place in the 1930s, and is about two teenage brothers who are trying to survive on their own. They are constantly looking for ways to scam people, but when one of their scams goes awry, they find themselves on the run. They end up hiding out in an abandoned cabin that has a strange box in its basement. When the boys open the box, they inadvertently activate machinery that opens a portal to another dimension.

Our story has lots of varied monsters, and will be very gruesome and gory at times. There is also a technological element to the story, and we need an artist that can accommodate both of these things.

We are offering a rate of $35 a page for 22 pages of pencils and inks, as well as cover artwork. Prices ARE negotiable depending on level of experience and quality of work. We expect a turnaround of at least 3 pages a week. We will pay you via PayPal by the weekend following when the pages are turned in.

Once we have initial artwork for the first issue, we will be launching a kickstarter to fund the rest of the creation process. We may need additional art for promotional purposes, and any fees for this will be negotiated when we get to this stage.

Please submit samples of your sequential artwork, particularly samples in the horror or steampunk genre to graybearcomics@gmail.com with the subject of "Artwork".

We are hoping to find an artist by the end of the month, so please submit as soon as possible. Thanks!