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    Default PREVIEW: Archie, #655

    An unexpected day off from school turns into the adventure of a lifetime! When a flying saucer crash-lands in Riverdale, Archie and Jughead come face-to-face with the one and only Cosmo the Merry Martian! His now damaged space ship is threatening to make him late for a very important meeting at the Diner at the Center of the Universe-and without Cosmo there, the fate of the entire galaxy could be at risk! Archie is prepared to save the day, and you can bet that if a diner's involved, Jughead's on board! Get ready for intergalactic adventure and classic Archie Comics characters galore in an out-of-this-world story by comics great Tom DeFalco!

    Full article here.

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    Looks like a fun issue.

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    I'm frankly sick of grim and gritty. This might be the antidote to that. It does look fun.

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    Okay. So why does the Dracula-looking guy get to be called "Captain Pumpernik"? A nitpick I suppose, but anyway, kudos. I guess these are all vintage Archie-publishing characters from way back?

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    I think these come out on digital before in a shop. I got this last week from Comixology with my subscription. Archie has a formula and hits that formula to perfection. This one has Archie and Jug Head in space and of course a cute alien that falls for Archie. You can always count on the gang from Riverdale to brighten your day. Unless you are also reading the undead version. That is good, too, but in an alternate universe way. I need Pop's diner, hanging with Jug Head and Kevin, gorging myself on burgers, (I of course get the veggie burger. I have to assume Pops keeps up with the times) and checking out the beautiful girls. They all want Archie but in Riverdale, if you are nice, you get a date to the big dance.

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