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    Batman is my number one, despite the fact that I don't read his current run, the elseworld books, or don't give a shit about this Metal event, I'm saying all of this to say that these recent solicitations shows that Priest is keeping to taking Batman down a peg or two with something so simple And believable as a lack of sleep and yet seems to be keeping Batman in character to do so.

    It also seems Priest is spotlighting Cyborg by making him the leader of the team (?), and giving him shit to do

    Also, Priest is already gonna start using the JLA, and I am just so happy he'll possibly write Vixen in any capacity, someone save her from Orlando and actually use her.

    Quote Originally Posted by El_Gato View Post
    So according to February DC solicts, Blue Beetle is cancelled. That's one less minority title for DC, though the book did make it to 19 issues. History says Sideways will likely replace Jaime as the lead Latino male in the DCU for now (last time it was Vibe). Jaime will likely end up in limbo (still has Injustice 2 though).

    Surprisingly there's no solicts for Cyborg in February, which leaves me wondering if his title was cancelled or taking a hiatus? On the bright side, Cyborg is taking over as the leader of the Justice League!
    I'm sorry to hear that, I know Blue Beetle is a fave of yours, I don't know if Silencer is replacing Blue Beetle but I agree that since sales weren't there for the book, there is no rush to have a Jaime led book since Sideways is a Latino led one already coming out.

    As for, Cyborg I literally smirked learning that his book is not there cause I always want DC to feel that they made a huge mistake promoting Cyborg as their go to top black hero, but I do feel bad that his fans only have Justice League, and the bright s8de for everybody is that at least he'll be written interestingly well by Priest and actuallynwipl be doing something.

    Quote Originally Posted by El_Gato View Post
    Nope. What's shocking is that they didn't announce the books cancellation. Apparently it ends in January, hence no February solicts.
    And I didn't even notice the absence tbh.
    My priority is black female characters; everything else is secondary.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed View Post
    I'm with you on Orochimaru's redemption arc being a crapshot. I find it hilarious how everyone seems to forgive the man who abducted and killed infants he was experimenting on so that they could learn how to make trees pop out of the ground.

    However, while I am disappointed that Tsunade rarely fought throughout the show (she's my favorite character), I felt as though she handled herself pretty well in the fight against Madara. Mei, not so much, but Tsunade was putting in the work. My memories of the fight are a bit hazy, but, from what I read in the manga, she was spoilers:
    healing, restoring the chakra of Onoki, doing combination attacks with A, telling Madara that he had her f*cked up calling her a weak woman, making Mei smile when she said that, and using Byakagou, allowing her to tank pretty much everything that he threw at her.

    My favorite part of the battle is when she got stabbed by Madara's Sussano blade and her reaction was to only get upset that he stabbed her.
    end of spoilers

    I also think she was involved with the strategies in the battle, but that I am not sure of, as I never took her to be a tactician. She's a medical tank with scientific knowledge and a mean right hook. With prep time, she could be even more dangerous than she already is, given her vast knowledge of poisons, antidotes, and sleeping potions.

    In that fight, to me, it felt like only she and Onoki were pulling their weight. It probably helps that they are the two with the most experience.
    The fact that Madara stomped them so badly annoyed the crap out of me while reading, but I think he was only able to do that because of Edo Tensei, right? Or was he powerful enough in life to stomp five kages, but happened to luck out even more because as a resurrection he was given unlimited chakra?

    (Unrelated: I've heard through other people that, originally, Tsunade was going to fight Pain, but Kishimoto scrapped that idea. I wonder how he would have written that lol
    I do recall her providing medical aid to the troops but in terms of combat prowess, it left a lot to be desired. She did meager damage to Madara's Susanoo and then her power up timed out. It doesn't help she and Sakura are a lot less versatile compared to Oro, Jiraiya, Naruto and Sasuke who have elements, sage modes and more powerful summons for help. On paper she does sound impressive but in practice not so much. She just isn't consistently competent the way her male counterpart are. Mei had the more versatile power set but I still felt more could have been done with her.

    Bleach is slightly better in that their female characters have better fighting records (though not by much) but they still fail to defeat a lot of major power houses.

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