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    Cthulhu (and anybody else based in Alaska or thereabouts), please check in when you can and let us know everything’s OK, mmkay? 7.9 is a BIG earthquake.

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    Seconded regarding Alaska.

    Quote Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
    Take it as a compliment that I respect your prowess so.

    Normally, Miburo would rush in--not so much out of recklessness, so much as out of the knowledge that the skill, wit, and abilities of even an unprepared Miburo, are superior to one thousand years of preparation from lesser men.

    But you, Sharp.....

    You, are something special. Different, almost an aberration in this universe.

    I actually need to use a portion of my cunning, and.....prepare. I am always prepared in a general sense, but this requires a specific plan.

    As such, you are waiting?

    As am I. The time of our battle must be perfect. I must have every advantage in my favor, and I am making the attempt in earnest.

    I have read books by long forgotten masters, studied arts that are today considered to be mere myth and legend, defeated skilled warriors who hide in the shadows, and those who bathe in the light.

    Make no mistake, the day soon draws near.
    So, an ambush is it? I'm good.

    ...also, I'm apparently an aberration! ^_^ *crosses off bucket list*

    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Torment View Post
    It's the most powerful baiting I have.

    That and the mental image of Karate Kid slamming Darkseid with Buddha's Palm is good too.
    From The Arms Of Buddha In The West Heavens, sucker. ^_^
    Why Are We Here?, by Pendaran

    "...the Myths Transformed version of the legendarium, in which the Moon is Melkor's attempt to make his own Arda with blackjack and hookers."
    - Estrecca

    "...dropping an orca whale made of fire on your enemies is a pretty strong opening move."
    - Nik Hasta

    "[Kent] Nelson was nearly invariably presented as the guy who, barring the Spectre, made everyone else generally gasp and go "Doctor Fate don't shiv, he balls nasty.", even Superman."
    - Pendaran

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    Take care.
    ~Live as if each and every passing moment would be your last~

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