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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashFreak View Post
    There was a prelude to Flash war back In January and you may want to read the gorilla grodd arc that just wrapped up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    Echoing what FlashFreak said. Definitely get the Annual from January, and reading the recent Perfect Storm arc might be worthwhile as well.
    Thanks! The Annual will be added. And bah! I was trying to limit how many other issues I was going to get but you had me at Grodd. I'll probably pick that up too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryComicBookNerd View Post
    I am enjoying the current Flash run tremendously.

    Just thought I'd say something positive for once.
    Vehemently agreed .

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    Those last few pages in #45 between Wally & Iris were just perfect. Overall it's just really well done and the supporting cast is great. Maybe there might be an issue with too many speedsters in the future, but they all feel somewhat unique. I'm even growing to like NuWally. Well... I'm growing to be less annoyed by him anyway. I too hope Williamson stays on this book for a while.
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