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    Default REVIEW: "Agents of SHIELD" Satisfyingly Concludes First Season Mission

    Scott Huver says tonight's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" finale proves the show has "rallied victoriously" from its "occasionally rocky" start.

    Full article here.

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    Can't wait to see this one tonight!

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    No mention of Triplett? I think everyone else is covered. I hope he has some good scenes, too. I've come to really like him. Ward never felt right to me. Now, we know why. I like Triplett and like the connection he has to MCU history with his grandfather being one of Cap's Howling Commandos. He's tough, skilled, funny, catches FitzSimmons off-guard with his intelligence and has stated his dedication to Coulson and his cause. I really really hope he joins as a full cast member next season.

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    There are a couple of moments in which the episode is too goofy, but all in all it's a really great finale to the season and all its big plots other than one which got a nice teaser instead (as did one more that IMHO only really raised its head in this ep).

    My personal highlight, though, was the proper portrayal of the scientific/atheist view on death, life, the universe and everything as well as all else about that particular side-plot.
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