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    Yes, the one month and a half or sometime two months, we have to wait for the next issue is awful for an amazing slow passing comics such as Uber. That's why it's great to spend that time talking about it with fellow readers.

    Germany's pretty much lost the war, they're only extending the bloodshed which is catastrophic to every country involved in the war and probably will be for the one who aren't yet. They could even be lucky enough to get another Battleship potential (most country never stopped screening or catalyst production).

    Also the Rivers's brothers Heavy Cruiser build may not be a big disadvantage as we think, I'm not sure if the fake Battleship at Calais were Heavy Cruiser with a 9:9 build but they were holding their own against leah and survived a direct hit from Sieglinde halo.

    The allies situation is almost FUBAR, there is still Tamara, the new Battleship potential that is currently being activated in Italy but she's just a kid. The American top 3 ubers have a chance to gain experience fighting the Japanese Battleship that will be of use against Germany's last Battleship, the only one capable of moving on his own, crippled Siegmund .

    Turing is a boss! My guess is, he will continue to decipher the codex and get a deeper understanding of the enhancement process to maybe find alternative more effective builds.

    Since Maria, and later Leah surviving without oxygen. I thought the enhanced body would definitively respond to a lack of catalyst. Since its major survival function are dialed to 11, the body will adapt somehow to survive and find a way to fulfil its need and the Halo is a big part of that. The USSR will have more Battleship and high load potential very soon, damn this comic is so exciting!

    I love the Zephyr the fact that they're incapable of speech remind us of the cons of the enhanced physiology, they probably experience things so differently than even the most powerful enhanced. I don't have the last page where Gillen usually talk, could send them to me please? I'd like to read what he said.

    On a final note, I'm waiting to see what General Patton is going to do in Italy.
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    On a final note, I'm waiting to see what General Patton is going to do in Italy.
    Apparently, he does well enough.

    That said, I wasn't expecting them to activate the girl though I shouldn't be surprised they risked it anyway. What's the use of future battleship when you need one now?

    My questions are whether her transformation was just physical by giving her a bigger body or did she aged up too, making her equal in both strength and halo to adult people? Does it work the same way on people with less potential?

    One subject that wasn't recently mentioned is how big is a Nazis pool of Uber potentials at the moment. Is it big enough that the bigger issue is how quickly they can be transformed? Or they have resources for more, but not enough people? Once Russia attack with their much bigger army, activating their children, especially these more potential since the Communist don't have the technology only Maria's crazy methods, could be their only way to stop them.
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    I think the thing that stood out most to me (other than the "Throw Churchill at them" bit) was the fact that Churchill outright tanked a full-on hit from Sieglinde. I think that is the first time we have seen anyone ignore a full halo strike like that. And the thing about the leg.... Churchill's problem is she is literally too durable to bend her joints.

    ....Now I'm imagining Leah going around with a belt and a big chain connected to it, and a team of guys whose sole job is to swing her into enemy formations....

    A massive size increase is the first thing to occur when building a battleship, so Tamara shooting up is not unusual (and I think they implied Tamara being on the high-end for battleships, too). I do not think physical maturity matters when determining the strength of halo power (physical strength, maybe, but there are ways around that). The question is what she is being built as. It is implied they either figured out how to avoid Leah's issue, or.... she's going to be a mixed type. So the question is what will be the mix?

    Also, a prediction for the end (other than Sieglinde being the only German Battleship to survive, much to her confusion and dismay): Maria is going to survive the entire war, and end up being a modern Baba Yaga in Russia.


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