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    Quote Originally Posted by doomeye56 View Post
    So the name of this arc is Best Friends Forever and I think that has more mean then just immortal 13 year old. Look at the opener on #9 its Doombot declaring Victor his best friend. This issue has Chase getting jealous over Doombot and Victor. I would not be surprised in the least if issue #10 has a conversation between Chase and Victor where Chase states that Victor is his best friend. And at the end of it even if Julie and Karolina break up its gonna have Nico and her not getting together but reaffirming that they are best friends forever and not pursue a relationship.

    As for Julie I dont think she is going to stay a child by the end. Abbie saids that Molly needs to eat the entire cupcake I think that Julie will have given some to Old Lace.
    Old Lace went with the movies with the others. Julie was alone in the Hostel. Also, The romance between Nico and Karolina being being clearly set up lol.

    As for "MU’s most fabulous villains (making a guest appearance)?" I think its going to be Amora the Enchantress. She is fabulous and as an Asgardian considered a witch that could be giving out age stopping cupcakes back in 1964.
    That's plausible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiccan View Post
    Someone said they will "reaffirm" that they're just friends at the end of this arc. From her trying to kiss Karolina, to blushing when around her, to clearly being jealous of her girlfriend, I think we have more than enough evidence that Nico feels it too.
    I can only speak for my own personal experience, and I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I've been Nico before.

    That aimless, unwanted, insecure feeling that can blind and even distort feelings and emotions for those around you -- even spurring jealousy when the person who once adored you, has redirected their adoration on someone who can/will reciprocate. Karolina represents both "the familiar" and "feeling wanted" for Nico. Being jealous of Xavin or Julie is a perfectly natural reaction for a person like Nico, and doesn't require any romantic attachment on her part.
    I've been jealous of plenty of people I don't have luvy duvy feelings towward.
    When an ex finds a new boyfriend, I'm not jealous because I want my ex back, but rather that the ex is no longer pining for me.
    Or even when a friend or coworker pays more attention to someone else. Human beings just want to feel important to someone. They want to feel that they matter.

    Who knows though, maybe Nicolina WILL be a thing, but its a relationship whose final destination in MY mind is: Karolina in tears. Aka: Doomed.
    And so I'm not down with it.


    STILL WAITING on the much needed Runaways/YoungAvengers COSMIC-crossover-event taking our babies into space to make a jail break!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bossace View Post
    Old lace and the cats went to the movie with the runaways. And when a witch was mentioned Enchantress was my first thought, I canít think of any other fabulous witch villain.
    Well Slap me and call me Sally your right.

    And yeah there is sexual tension by the bucket load between Nico and Karolina going back from the start of the series. There was a time I was a big Nicolina shipper but those days are passed. I agree with Fokken with his assessment.

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