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    Quote Originally Posted by unclepulky View Post
    The Silver Age Legion may have been my introduction to comics, but the Post-Zero Hour era is simply the best.
    This is exactly me. I was introduced to them in the GDS and kept up with them ever since. But Post Zero Hour (Begining of DnA run) is my favorite.
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    So despite the decades I've spent reading comics, THIS is the first time I've actually been involved on a forum. Earlier, basically on a whim, I decided to go an see what people on some old forums had to say about my favorite era of the team: The Post-Zero Hour Group.

    And damn if there wasn't a disappointing consistency I saw.

    Most people, at least those who didn't just hate it automatically for being a reboot, seemed to say that the first year, The White Triangle storyline was great, but after that the quality went down, and by the time Emerald Violet showed up, it was crap, all the way up until Dan Abnett took over.

    I was pretty flabbergasted to see this. Sure, the time the team spent in the 2000's had some rough points, but that aside, I think the entire era is nearly perfect. And Emerald Vi? Sure, it wasn't as good as The White Triangle saga or Legion Lost, but I've always considered it my third favorite storyline of the era. Great build up, clever foreshadowing, Gim's tragic death, and ultimately the climactic fight against Mordru? I thought it was all fantastic!

    What do you guys think of all this?

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