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    Who's Austin Rivers?
    The Wesley Crusher of the NBA.

    If we didn't kill the small bugs, the large bug, the domain that supports 600 vassals would perish. Magobei, this the way of the samurai.

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    That's hilarious and kinda sad, but I'm still confused as to why you used his name as a response to my post.
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    Happy to say Valiant knocked it out of the park, again, with yesterday's comics. Imperium was firing on all cylinders, providing us a glimpse into not only the new Foundation, but also Rising Spirit/H.A.R.D. Corps and the post-Harada world. It is really fascinating stuff!

    X-O Manowarwas amazing, as well. While a little light when compared to the dense Imperium, it absolutely set-up the Dead Hand arc in a big way. Can't really consider it new reader friendly, but it is tieing together some long standing story points in big ways!

    Can't wait for next week! Ninjak is getting closer, y'all!
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