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    I plan to get into Valiant soon, although it may be a while before I can find some good deals for everything. However before I start reading I'd like to ask if anyone can tell me about a couple of groups such as Project Rising Spirt, Harada Corporation/Foundation, and MERO.
    PRS is a private military and weapons research organization and contractor funded largely by the US government. They date back to at least WWII. They are responsible for the creation of Bloodshot, the HARD Corps and the child-soldier group of Psiots known as Generation Zero, among others. Think super-powered Haliburtan.

    Harada Global Conglomerates is the combined properties, businesses, etc of Toyo Harada, the world's most powerful Psiot. He has been manipulating governments and economies since WWII in order to build a corporate empire and shape society to his vision for it. Harbinger Foundation is the Psiot recruitment and training division of the HGC, where Harada finds, activates and trains his private Psiot army.

    MERO is the US government organization responsible for researching and defending against extraterrestrial threats. Currently, XO Manowar works for MERO in return for the protection of his people.

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    Thank you very much for all of that, and it all sounds very interesting. Can't wait to read some of it.
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