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    Default PREVIEW: Deadly Class, #5


    In the throes of a horrible acid trip, Marcus's grip on reality slips, casting him into the depths of his own past. A past filled with blood and ash. What dark secrets is he hiding? And will he have time to face them before one of the killers out for his blood puts a knife in his heart?

    Full article here.

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    This series just gets better, and better. The acid trip has been so fun and awesome Wes Craig really knows how to make you feel like you popped a tab, without actually popping a tab. In the last two issues we've got Easter Eggs consisting of: Thompson, Wizard of Oz, The Dark Knight Returns, and the Challenger Explosion. I really hope the Easter Eggs keep coming, because I'll be keepin my eyes extra peeled for them for now on. I feel bad for Marcus. I hope he gets over his social anxiety.
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