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    Saga #32 in the house.
    We got a break from Hazel and got to spend time with our favorite couple Marco and Alana. I was pretty upset when the book said they weren't banging anymore, since I do like the sexual aspects of the book, but luckily, they were both naked by the end.
    I haven't liked Alana much in recent arcs, and this issue along with #30 have made me fall back in love with her. Her glasses in this issue were super cute, too. I loved her look at Marco when he was hesitant about jumping and grabbing her in the air. Staples might have done more storytelling than Vaughn with this issue. Some of the most important moments were told through the way the characters looked rather than what they said.

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    Long time lurker but I've just read saga #37 and didn't see a review thread. I'm very intrigued by the direction they are going with things. In particular, Sir Prince Robot is fast becoming the most interesting character for me, and I'm wondering where they are going with him, especially now that he seems to be harboring feelings for Alana. Or at least lust. Wonder how he going to deal with that, since Marko and Alana only have eyes for each other. Honestly, I always thought he was going to develop feelings for Marko, being as they were around each other without their families in the recent past and that the creators keep bringing in his clandestine male on male fantasies.

    I feel like the new pregnancy isn't going to end well this time around for Marko and Alana. I'm surprised that Alana and Marko are so giddy when they are still being chased across the universe for daring to procreate the first time.

    I miss Klara but I am liking Petrichor. Or maybe Izabel just makes everyone more awesome by being in her presence. And I love how much story Fiona can tell in just a few panels. Sometimes I think she is the better storyteller. The images of Phang were pretty powerful.

    Can't wait for next month. Hope The Will, the journalist couple, Squire, and Ghus show up.

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