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    Default PREVIEW: Blackout, #3

    The search for Scott Travers's missing benefactor has turned up nothing but mystery and even more trouble. And this time he's up against eight-feet-tall, cheetah-fast, bulldozer- strong, plasma-cannon-wielding, made-of-metal trouble. Good thing there are "only" three of them . . . for now!

    Full article here.

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    Can't wait for this. I'm enjoying the series but then I'm enjoying all project black sky. They have a nice and different feel to super hero comics to me that I like

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    This book's first two issues have been phenomenal. The excellent mix of a great story and right art are really shining through and the whole story about the suit has been damn entertaining, but one fun little gem about Blackout is the King Tiger shorts at the end, what an added value! Hopefully we see more of Blackout when this mini is completed, he's a very engaging character with a great story to back him up.
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