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    Default EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Wada's "Constantine: The Hellblazer" #3 Variant Cover

    Noted cover artist Kevin Wada brings his talents to "Constantine: The Hellblazer" for a cover starring Georgiana Snow, and CBR has the first look.

    Full article here.

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    This is the only DC title I'm collecting at the moment (a vast improvement over its predecessor thus far) and I have got to say, I'd much rather the variant. That main cover looks terrible.

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    Default Jesus DC, stop butchering hellblazer...

    For real, biggest mistake that company's made (among many) was to drop the book at issue 300 and take milligan off writing it. Hellblazer was the best horror comic on the market for over 25 years strait, and set the bar for alternative comics being published by the big 2. Then DC butchers it, waters it down to a pathetic PG "constantine" to try and market a crappy tv show that didnt last 2 seasons. Then when they realize their mistake, they try and salvage it with more of the same. Stop destroying one of the best charecters your company has seen to try and make it something its not. Start that bitch back at issue 300, give the reigns to warren ellis again and lets raise some hell.

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    Awesome cover, vast improvement over that fugly other one.
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