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    Default PREVIEWS: Dynamite Comics on Sale June 4, 2014

    On June 4, Dynamite entertainment offers "Black Bat," "Chaos," "The Dresden Files: War Cry" and more. Check out previews of all this week's releases.

    Full article here.

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    Decided to get caught up on Black Bat recently . . . the Previews in that article, though have a wee bit of a problem.

    Here's what it says for Captain Action Cat #2:
    Black Bat has managed to toe the line throughout his quest for redemption. But when someone close to him dies, will he finally cross that line and become a killer? Also, Oliver Snate's mystery guardian angel pulls back the curtain and finally reveals himself... propelling this story towards its gut-wrenching conclusion.
    But at least it has the correct preview pages. Strange seeing a kid-friendly version of X.
    (Hopefully the description of the issue will be corrected soon.)

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    trade waiting Captain Action Cat and maybe Dresden Files once I catch up on the novels (so no time soon: I've only read the 1st novel and a short story.

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