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    Default Jai Nitz Goes All In With "Dream Thief: Escape"

    Jai Nitz and Russ Manning Award nominee Greg Smallwood's superhero crime comic "Dream Thief" returns, and the pair have plans for even more in the future.

    Full article here.

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    Dream Thief was my most pleasant surprise of 2013. I'll be getting Toshiro because of my (relatively) new faith in Nitz, found in reading the first Dream Thief mini. Obviously grabbing this follow-up as well. I'm generally most impressed (or not) by the tone of the comics I read. The first series was some weird combo of Miller Daredevil, Scalped, Nexus, hallucinogens, and just a bit of 80s B-movie flavor. Or something. It worked for me on every level. Smallwood's art is awesome too, with some really neat panel layouts. Excellent stuff.
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