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    Quote Originally Posted by juan678 View Post
    Quicksilver in Avengers Infinity Minipreview Carmine
    I think the bottom image is Hawkeye...he wears those types of glasses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Night View Post
    Another question: Is Crystal right for Pietro? I mean the poor guy barely gets any romance other than Crystal, and Warbird, a little Storm (is that cannon or just a parallel world?), has he ever had anyone else to date/court/flirt/love? Does anyone think that its because of his powers that he is unable to connect with women easily? Or because of his past? Or just his attitude?

    It's probably because he's still in love/can't get over Crystal. PAD did an excellent job, I thought, with his reaction to her breaking up with Ronan. It kind of broke my heart a little. I do agree tho, he needs to get over her and move on: the relationship is over (however, its very consistent with divorced couples who have a child- apparently it's insanely hard to move on).

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Night View Post
    I agree as well, there are tons of times when Pietro is just speed reading in the comics, and his mind works so fast that he learns things faster. I read online that he is going back to the Avengers next year and I hope that the writers can continue on his character development that has been going on in ANXF.

    By the way what does everyone think about his new uniform? I really liked the Serval one but i'm not sure about this one, maybe because of the goggles? Maybe I need time to get used to it.
    It's utter crap. They designed it to look like his movie costume, I'd bet, so I don't blame the artist on this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksilverfan View Post
    I'd rather the MCU not include Quicksilver with the Inhumans, even if it means we won't get Luna. To tell you the truth, I'm personally not super attached to Luna. Majority of the time that I've read Pietro, he's without his daughter, so I'm used to her not being around. Which doesn't mean I hate Quicksilver being a dad, just that I'm ambivalent about it.
    Although I really really really loved them together in ANXF for the two or so issues they shared. Peter has lots of daughters, so I imagine he would have written the relationship well, had the book continued and Luna was allowed to stay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cold Water View Post
    I'm nervous as shit that Remender will be writing Pietro.
    I'll read it, of course, but I'll be totally sweating it month to month.
    I'm really torn: I want to support Quicksilver, but I don't want to support Marvel Editorial's decision to cancel ANXF. If Remender wanted to use QS and he was available, then that is one thing, but what has happened here doesn't reek of that at all. This is all about the Avengers movie, and sticking it to FOX.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Night View Post
    As for the goggles, I like Speed but I don’t think Quicksilver ever wore goggles before this, so its kind of like why now? ... Anyway I will wait for more pictures or until the comics come out before deciding if I like the costume or hate it.

    Is Remender a good writer? I’m still not familer with writers other than PAD.
    He's an excellent writer- the problem is that his plot takes priority over a character's prior characterization. Meaning, if he's writing a favorite of yours, be prepared to not like how they are portrayed. I'd highly recommend any of the books he's done/is doing at Image.

    Also, Quicksilver had goggles in Days of Future Past movie, so maybe they're going to make that part of his comics' wear? And check out ICv2's preview pages to get a better feel for the costume. I think it looks wretched when Acuña draws it (he looks fat/bulky- Pietro is slender). I can be pretty cool when drawn right, like the Dell'Otto one:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksilverfan View Post
    The correct answer is Flash.
    I don't really care if Flash is the faster character...well the truth is most of the DC characters overpower their Marvel counterparts, as we could see in the Avengers / Justice League crossover. Admittedly, I don't know much about the Flash, but I find Quicksilver's personality and history interesting. His speed doesn't really factor in my liking the character. Although I do have a pet peeve about how often Quicksilver gets knocked out in fights. HE'S FAST, HE CAN AVOID PUNCHES / PROJECTILES / BULLETS! Not to mention many writers make his attacks weak when that makes no sense whatsoever.
    Agreed. The Flash is too powerful- he has all these additional powers like the ability to vibrate the atoms of his body so fast that he can walk/run through walls. I haven't seem him do so in the comics yet, but in the show, Flash vibrates his vocal cords to disguise his voice (which is pretty damn cool).

    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksilverfan View Post
    Ditto. I liked the little bit he was in Avengers Academy. I think mentoring Finesse was interesting character development, but it wasn't a big enough part of the book.
    He'll probably have a bigger role in Uncanny Avengers, but I don't know that Remender really captures Pietro's voice. (Granted, Remender's written like three sentences for him so far, so I'm judging too soon). It doesn't matter though. After what happened this week, I'm not interested in reading the new Uncanny Avengers.
    I also would love to see him stay an X-character. As far as movie rights, I don't think Marvel can legally alter the fact that Pietro first appeared in an X-book, has a historical connection to Magneto, and was on at least two x-teams. I think it has more to do with Marvel showing the public that their film version is the "right" version.

    Quote Originally Posted by juan678 View Post
    Quicksilver in Avengers Infinity Minipreview Carmine
    Gawd that's beautiful. I want to see CDiG art colored by Marte Gracia!!!! Or FCO Plascencia (who doesn't work for Marvel, so not much of a chance of that happening).

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