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    Default REVIEW: Captain America, #21

    "Captain America" #21 draws to a close Rick Remender's "The Iron Nail" storyline. And as with all war stories, a terrible price must be paid.

    Full review here.

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    How many times must Steve pay this "terrible price"? I've seen this all before, at least twice I think. Since when has Captain America become the little boy that every school yard bully just has to step on?

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    I wouldn't complain, but this did JUST happen the run before Dimension Z, so it will never be as shocking or world changing as they are selling it. However, if Ian is the run wielding the shield post-timeskip it could make for some interesting stories. Again, interesting stories that just happened when Bucky was Cap but interesting stories none the less. Lets see, Steve returned as Captain America during siege 4 years ago. Civil War happened in 2006. There's going to be a new Cap every 4 years now.

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    I'm pretty certain that post time-skip its The Falcon wielding the shield

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